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Customer Referral Incentive Program

Most of our new business comes from you passing the word along about us to your friends and family.  We value your business and the business your referrals bring us.  We are grateful for the trust you have in us that makes you feel confident in referring us.  We will strive to make, and keep, that referral just as pleased with our service as you have been.  We have always very much appreciated all the referrals you have given us, but now we would like to take the opportunity to thank you in a way that really counts.  

Beginning Nov. 1, 2012 for every four referrals you send to us that become customers you will receive a free general cleaning of your home!  We would rather put our advertising dollars into your pocket when you are the one doing the advertising for us. We look forward to rewarding the efforts you put forth on our behalf. 
Thank you so much, 
 Sheril and Gary Bender   
 Owners, Bender’s Cleaning Professionals, LLC
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